Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Traveling in Style

One of the ways I've changed since joining the foreign service is that I've become a snooty traveller. Traveling as frequently as I do, I like to travel comfortably. The problem is, once you travel overseas in business class, you can't ever go back to coach. I'm ruined for life.

Kathmandu is directly on the other side of the planet from the middle of the US. Washington to Doha is a 14 hour overnight flight. I'm not doing that in coach. Because the Department squashed its biz class policy, the upgrade is coming out of my pocket. But the Department is paying for a nice hotel room for my long layover in Doha. Thank you, US taxpayer! Then a 5 hour flight to Kathmandu.

Traveling in style has made me a snob. I don't like commuting with "the common people." For example, there should be separate security lines for smart and stupid travelers. It's annoying to stand behind someone for 15 minutes and watch him finally get to the metal detector and frantically try to take off his shoes, empty his pockets, and take off his watch all at once, as if he didn't know this was going to happen.

Next stop, Kathmandu!


Lee said...

good luck Heather! I know the FMO in Nepal, watch out!

Becca said...

there is a line like that in Detroit!

Anonymous said...

I was in one airport that had separate security lines for: experienced/business travelers; semi-experienced travelers; and no experience travelers. It was kind of cool...if people would listen the signs.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather.

I enjoyed reading your journey. Thanks for sharing. My daughter will be going to KTM as her first post in Dec. She just finished her A 100. I found so many interesting information about KTM in your blog. I'm so glad I found your blog because the others I found were written by married people. Like you she is also single.

Thanks for your service. Be safe as your continue your journey around the world.

Proud mom of diplomat.

Heather said...

I hope your daughter enjoys Kathmandu and gets to travel around the country and region.