Friday, March 4, 2011

Freak Show

I am a freak. When I walk down a road in Nepal (outside of Kathmandu) I am a pale-as-can-be, red-headed, blue-eyed freak that causes young and old Nepalis alike to stare in awe as I pass. Sometimes I'll smile at the kids and say, "Namaste." Satisfied that I won't bite, they squeal with laughter. The freak can speak!

This was most evident during my 5-day road trip in eastern Nepal. It was amusing at first. But by the third day of open-mouthed stares, it was old. As someone who doesn't particularly enjoy the spotlight, being on display all the time was annoying.


Mom said...

It sounds almost scary. Did they want to touch your hair?

Unknown said...

Heather, In 2005 I went to China and married a Chinese girl (Cui Ying). She lives in Chengdu, Sichuan. I think the people thought I was a movie star. They starred at me the same as you. I think my wife liked it because all the people saw that she was with me. My wife is a Engineer. She works for the Chinese Electrical Institute and develops standard and nuclear electrical energy sources. Now I have an extended Chinese family. I have had dinner(s) with my wife's engineer co-workers, support personel, and many communist party leaders, as well as the Chengdu Police Chief and went to his annual Christmas Party. What a performance that is!! I recently received a email to apply for a FSO position. So I went to the website and checked out a lot of the information. I am thinking about taking the FSOT test in June. My entire career has been in the construction industry (35 years). I have a BS in Finance and BS in Political Science from Ball State University. My question to you is how do you like living overseas? Is your career like you thought it would be? Any advice about getting selected in this process. What do you think are the main reasons, qualifications needed to successfully become an FSO officer? Thanks and good luck in Nepal.


P.S. The Chinese people do have opinions about the bordering countries. My wife let me know about these things.

Shannon said...

It gets old quick doesn't it. I get the same thing here in Malawi, I'm blond and blue eyed, pale skinned. I am so looking forward to R&R this summer where no one stares at me.

Ramesh said...

I'm an american of indian origin. If it makes you feel better, I had the same experience when I visited a small town in Maine. I could almost see the thoughts popping from their heads - "that thing walks on two feet!"..:)