Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why God Created Malls

I ran some errands today, including trying to buy a wedding gift for the daughter of one of my staff. I wanted to get something nice, not something you can find in Thamel, but not go overboard. If I was in the States, I'd go online and check out their gift register, or head to the Topanga Mall and look for some nice candlesticks. But I'm not in the States.

It's not easy finding the middle ground between doo-dads made in China aimed at tourists and overpriced doo-dads aimed at ex-pats looking for memorable Nepali souvenirs. But my persistence (and my driver's willingness to drive all over Kathmandu) paid off and I found a nice tea set.

Now… where do I find a gift box and wrapping paper?


Dipendra said...

Unfortunately, you again need to go to so called malls of Kathmandu to get some quality ones..otherwise you'll have to pay for another ride around the city..

Mom said...

The 99 Cent Store.