Saturday, October 22, 2016

Discerning Solo Female Traveler

Foreign Service Officers like to joke that we have no transferrable skills if we were to ever leave the Department. That's not quite correct. I can say that my traveling skills have become quite advanced.

As an experienced, worldly traveler, I have some practical advice for hotels seeking to lure the discerning solo female traveler.

If I could have only one wish come true, it would be for more counter space in the bathroom. Or at least some drawers. Women travel with a lot of bathroom crap and we need someplace to put it.

Hotels typically provide a hair dryer, which is great. But what about a curling iron or flat iron?

And why such unflattering lighting in the bathroom? Under no circumstances should there be flourescent or harsh white lights.

Don't skimp on the toiletries. Provide nice shampoo and conditioner.

More hangers in the closets. And a full-length mirror is a nice touch.

It's hard to believe there are still hotels that don't include free wi-fi. Especially for the 4 and 5 star hotels, charging $15/day for wi-fi is tacky, especially when all the inexpensive hotels provide it free of charge.

It would be nice for hotel restaurants to offer 1/2 portions. Normally I'm a fan of leftovers, but when traveling, it's not always possible. Large meals are often wasted.

There you have it, Heather's World Adventures tips for attracting the discerning solo female traveler. I can see a post-Foreign Service career as a luxury travel consultant!


Mom said...

I stayed in a Fairmont in Canada in a room without a dresser or even drawers in the bedside tables. I don't travel alone much but I have the exact same complaints as you.

Joshua Chambers said...

I agree and I am all male!