Friday, March 2, 2018

With Your Own Eyes

I was recently in Italy and the entire time I was there I wanted to shout at everyone I saw, “Put down your phone!” Does nobody experience anything live anymore?

I was in St. Peter’s Basilica paying my respects to Michelangelo’s Pieta, one of the most stunning works of art I have ever seen. A man holding up a smart phone in front of his face squeezed in next to me to get a photo, then turned his back to the statue to get a selfie. Then he walked away! Without LOOKING at this magnificent creation directly with his own eyes. If all you want is a good picture, pick up a post card in the gift shop.

I deliberately left my camera in my hotel room when I went to St. Peter’s. I wanted to SEE and EXPERIENCE and REMEMBER everything first hand without the distraction of obligation to “get a good shot” that having a camera around my neck forces upon me. Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures of cool things, but sometimes it’s more important to authentically experience a moment than to capture it.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Being in the moment is the best way to experience anything rather than just collecting social media bragging points! I do like having a photo or two though to reflect on, however, and sometimes there is detail captured in that frozen moment that I never got in real time. Finding balance is always the trick, isn't it.

Unknown said...

HEY! i am JASMINE Miller
I also agree with you. People are so crazy with their phones, they just have no care of what happened around them. They just lost in their phones. In my opinion they should feel the environment, especially when they go out for a trip, So they should have too enjoyed at that time except doing stupid things with their social media life. At least when you on a trip, have to be felt and enjoyed the entire environment.

BerenicePelayo said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am currently an undergrad student and I have been interested in the FSO career path for a while now. Your blog is interesting yet informative and I can't wait to read more!

Heather said...

Hi Berenice. I'm glad you found my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy it.