Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Logic is Futile

I was Skyping my parents and talking about going home for the holidays. As always, arranging a flight is a pain in the butt. If I want to get home in time for Christmas Eve dinner, I need to leave Kathmandu now because of all the layovers. My dad logically pointed out that there is a direct flight from Bangkok. But, I responded, it's not an American carrier. My dad logically pointed out that taking that direct flight would not only significantly reduce my travel time, but it would also cut the cost of the ticket in half and save the State Department $2000. My dad is a computer programmer and lives in a world where logic rules. I work for the federal government where logic is futile.

Update: Now my dad is logically suggesting that I just buy my own ticket and have the Department reimburse me. Ah, I remember the days when I was blissfully ignorant of the insane policies of our federal government.


Lee said...

you can get a waiver from GSO for the following

Use of a U.S. carrier extends travel time by six hours or more.

Use of a U.S. carrier requires a connecting time of four hours or more at an overseas interchange point.

maybe these could work...

Ayelet said...

Hey Heather, I hope you're able to find a reasonable, feasible way to get home for Christmas. Of course, keep us posted. I'd love to see you if we're in CA at the same time.

Safe travels and warm regards,

Heather said...

Hi Ally, assuming my flight gets booked, I will be home over the holidays. Let me know if/when you will be in town.